What to Expect

Whether you are looking for PAIN relief or correction and maintenance of your spine, we have the care for you!

We pride ourselves on listening to our patients and conducting an indepth examination, and yes we do have on site DIGITAL XRAY when needed.  The doctors take the time to go over all the findings with you personally, and recommend a care plan to you.  You will be provided options for care based on relief of pain, correction of the problem, prevention, and how to achieve maximum health.  Then the CHOICE is YOURS!

And yes, WE can do a treatment or adjustment on the first visit in most cases. 

Do you have an issue that is not in your spine region? Elbow, knee, shoulder, foot pain for example? Yes we do help with these areas also through our hands on techniques and in office modalities such as Shock Wave and Custom orthotics. 

If after looking through our website you still feel like you are not sure, give us a call or email us for a free in person or over the phone consult.

Hope to see you in our office.


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